I’m a drummer and musician, playing in different bands and projects and composing music and soundscapes for various formats. Since 2009 I teach the drums in Vienna.

Being musically socialised in Jazz with the alto saxophone as main instrument during my youth time, I focused more on rock music in my twenties followed by an interest in experimental sounds. This range is definitely reflected in my work as a drummer, composer, producer, performer and teacher. After 25 years of live experience I am still eager to grow in everything I do. Out of a sense of right and wrong and an increasing understanding of structural inequalities I formed – together with 3 dear fellow musicians – the queer-feminist record label unrecords in 2012. Apart from sharing knowledge and skills, encouraging especially women, girls, trans- and non-binary people is inherent in my lessons and workshops. From 2011 to 2016 I was involved in the Pink Noise Camps in Austria as band coach and workshop instructor. As stagehand and drumtech on several festivals I benefitted from my experience as live musician and my interest in the technical side of sound. 2019 I produced Les Reines Prochaines’ album „Zu unserer Verfassung“. As a freelancer, by running a record label and managing bands for more than a decade my experience includes a lot of administrative work too – in other words: I understand profoundly what’s behind the magic. I have a bias towards the analogue and love to rack my brain over something. That’s me, roughly.